Modern construction work is not dependent on the weather conditions. Installation work on the Telkäntaipale bridge is protected from weather elements.

Normek will deliver Telkäntaipale’s light traffic bridge to Lempäälä to cross the Helsinki-Tampere railway line. The delivery includes 97 tons of steel structures made at our Naarajärvi plant. The bridge elements were delivered to the site with three special transports, the largest being eight meters wide and 32 meters long. The first bridge block will be lifted on place during week 14.

The sides of the bridge are glazed completely with self-cleaning safety glasses. The amount to be glazed is about 700m². Glass structures are manufactured at our Alavus plant. Due to the challenging shape of the bridge 3D modeling has been used in the design. The installation of glass structures will begin at the construction site in July.