In 2015, Normek Oy received an order from Metsä Fiber – one of the world’s leading producer of bio products and bioenergy. The order included a complete supply, manufacturing and installation of steel structures for process buildings of next-generation bio product mill in Äänekoski. The project is one of the most prominent projects of Normek Oy, since the quantity and weight of steel delivered being the largest in the company’s entire history. It is a long-term technically challenging, in its own order of magnitude – a glorious project. As a follow-up project, a well-executed contract allowed Normek to implement also the steel parts and installation work in the pipe bridge of the factory area in co-operation with German Butting GmbH. The project manager is Pasi Parkkinen.

The bio product mill being build to Central Finland is largest investment in the Finland’s forest industry history. Its total construction costs will rise to 1.2 billion euros. Also the expectations are high – more than half a billion annual increase in the value of Finland’s total export. In addition to pulp, the plant will produce bioenergy as well as numerous bio products such as turpentine, tall oil and sulfuric acid. Although the capacity for pulp production will increase considerably – the plant can still operate within the limits of the set environment emissions. The mill, called the modern biotechnology plant, will take full advantage of the pulp mill’s outflows – by refreshing and generating new bio products for use. With numerous companies operating in the area, the plant constitutes its own bio-economic ecosystem.

The total amount of steel delivered increased up to 7000 thousand kilograms including Normek’s own and subcontractors’ elements. Because of the high number of steel parts they were produced in all the Normek factories in Finland. Most of the elements were assembled on site. Reliable logistics delivered elements to Äänekoski. Challenges for transportation resulted in lifting heavyweight elements in the middle of busy and crowded construction sites where 80-90 contractors worked simultaneously.

One of the important components of a factory site is a 2.5 km long pipe bridge – with regard to steel frame structures and installation, Normek also played a major role. The pipe bridge delivery included over 3000 tons of steel structures, a total of 110 separate blocks. German Butting GmbH got a tip from Metsä Fiber that Normek is a popular and trusted operator in the industry witch led into this follow-up project.