Normek manufactured and installed the steel beams of Uusikaarlepyy Kirkkosilta bridge. The beams were manufactured at our Oulu plant and they weight around 133 tons. The bridge was transported to the site in three 8,1 meters wide blocks. Manufacturing and installation schedules were tight but we made it without problems by the help of good planning. Co-operation with Destia Oy has worked extremely well.

The new bridge will replace the old obsolete structure and will be operational in autumn 2019.

Watch the video of the bridge installation:


The main section of the Vekaransalmi bridge has been lifted on place. The picture shows 360 tons of steel delivered from our Oulu production plant on the way up. The elevation of the main block progressed one meter per hour and required our men to have nerves of steel and good pressure resistance. The lifting took total of 27 hours.

The bridge project will be fully completed by the end of 2019. When completed, the Vekaransalmi bridge is the fifth longest bridge in Finland with its length of 639 meters.

Timelapse video of the elevation:

Modern construction work is not dependent on the weather conditions. Installation work on the Telkäntaipale bridge is protected from weather elements.

Normek will deliver Telkäntaipale’s light traffic bridge to Lempäälä to cross the Helsinki-Tampere railway line. The delivery includes 97 tons of steel structures made at our Naarajärvi plant. The bridge elements were delivered to the site with three special transports, the largest being eight meters wide and 32 meters long. The first bridge block will be lifted on place during week 14.

The sides of the bridge are glazed completely with self-cleaning safety glasses. The amount to be glazed is about 700m². Glass structures are manufactured at our Alavus plant. Due to the challenging shape of the bridge 3D modeling has been used in the design. The installation of glass structures will begin at the construction site in July.

Normek supplies the Saimaa Canal with the new steel railway bridge.

The total weight of the Saimaa Canal bridge is about 1100 tonnes and one bridge section weighs between 65 and 100 tonnes. The bridge is delivered to the site on a total of 13 blocks.

Production at our Oulu plant will start in December 2018 and installation work on site will begin in August 2019. The bridge will be completed in summer 2021.

The new railway bridge will be built south of the current track bridge and will be over 200 meters long.

Picture copyright Liikennevirasto

New gates manufactured by Normek

The installation work on the Saimaa canal is proceeding in a cheerful frost. In the picture, the new ports of Soskua dam made by our Oulu steel production plant are opened for the first time.

The single Soskua portlet has a width of about eight meters and a height of 15.5 meters.

The original Saimaa canal lower ports have been built in the 1960s and are at their disposal. The new gates manufactured by Normek are more durable and, in particular, have better winter characteristics. Additionally, the maintenance of new gates is easier. All channel locks on the channel are replaced one by one.

The main constructor of the Saimaa Canal renewal project is Graniittirakennus Kallio Oy